Momma Llama’s #1 ABC Book of Latin America gains rave reviews online.

Momma Llama’s ABC Book of Latin America is a children’s book written by the team at Momma Llama & Friends. It is a whimsical and educational look at nature, cultures, and places in Latin America.

Momma LLama was ranked  #1 on Amazon for five days in a row since it’s launch in March 2022, and has spawned two additional books as spin-offs; a coloring book and a handwriting/coloring book. The book recharted in the Top 20 during a November (2022) Blog Tour and positive reviews and blog appearances have continued into the new year in 2023. Momma Llama & Friends are overwhelmed by the continued praise for the book. The whimsical style will surely captivate readers.

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